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Can Vastu Interiors Draw An Impact On Your Home?

A home is more than just a pretty crashpad. The vibe and ambiance of a space matter big in tuning up the mood, well-being, and future of the inhabitants living in. Are you thinking of hiring a top interior designer in Gurgaon to add more life and beauty to your swanky new property? Certainly a good first step! Almost every owner is quite touchy about their new home and leaves no stones unturned to do up the new space. However, giving attention to Vastu is a pressing need. After all, a beautifully bedecked space is no good if the energies floating around the property are not quite favoring.

Can Vastu Interiors Draw An Impact On Your Home

What is Vastu Shastra?

Of course, you have heard volumes about the importance of Vastu in a property. Did you turn deaf to the discussions all this while? Well, Vastu is not a new story in the circles. In fact, it dates back to history reflecting the times when the Upavedas emerged. Also described as traditional science and literature, the verses cropped up from the Vedas, giving rise to Sthapatyaveda or the science behind architecture. Vastu shares light on the deep-rooted connection between people and buildings and shows how a few tweaks can promote prosperity, harmony, and positive goodness among the residents living in a given space.

Realtors in India are quite versed in the importance of Vastu. Why would you take a chance and risk getting your hands on a space brimming with odd vibes? Don’t worry about designers not playing their part. Even the most modern interior design company in Gurgaon realizes the impacts of Vastu. Designers today are schooled about directions and are skilled to create layouts that are Vastu-friendly. In short, spotting the best interior design company to co-operate with your direction needs is easy and hassle-free.

What are the known odds of Vastu Shastra?

Vastu ideas are majorly about directions and their correlation with astrology or the rotation of planets. Not adhering to the directions, as specified in the legendary verses, can bring in negative energy and bad luck. You can drift away from a flourishing career or business venture, suffer from ill health or bump into a tough financial crisis.

The North - Speaking of crisis and money, did you know that the northern point of your house plays a vital role in your finances? According to Vastu, any form of clutter or fault in the northern zone translates into money loss. You could suddenly witness a drop in business, more debts, and major financial loss.

The East - Much of the negative and bad Vastu vibes spring in from the eastern corner of a house. As per the Vastu principles, putting up high walls or positioning a kitchen, bathroom, or staircase on the eastern end could bring you bad luck. The east is where the sun rises bright and strong. So, ensuring that an open space letting in natural light from the east is crucial.

The West - Do you have giant windows or extensions done up on the Western side of a house? Not a favoring direction from a Vastu point of view. It could pave the way for bad health and also lure in poverty. Steer clear from windows, well, or any form of cuts on the western side of your property.

The South - Never set up a cozy dining space in the south. Negative energy flows in, leading to legal disputes, a sudden loss of job, and more. Instead, a bedroom is best suited. However, make sure your head points to the south when you are snoozing off.

Is Vastu only about directions?

Besides directions and zones, Vastu principles span out across decor, color schemes, and other home elements. Here are a few:

Mirrors - The shiny and reflective surface of a mirror could be threatening if not placed cautiously. It can welcome misery and big losses. Always ensure that a mirror must either face the north or the east. These are the happy corners attracting positive vibes.

Curtain - If Vastu is to be believed, always use light-colored drapes or soft-hued curtains in your bedroom. Using dark curtains blocks out the light in a space, paving the way for diseases and problems.

Ceiling - Do you admire fancy cuts and carvings on the ceiling? Well, Vastu suggests that a flat ceiling is the best bet for residential homes.

Paints and colors - Always pick out the light, lustrous, and bright colors to bedeck a house. It draws in light, has a relaxing effect, and welcomes prosperity. Bold dark colors like black, red, and grey lure in negativity and toss out the positive aspects of a space.

Vastu Shastra is a belief, backed by powerful science. Don’t hesitate to hire the best interior design company to design a crashpad to your liking. However, always keep tabs on whether or not the designer is proficient at adhering to the Vastu principles. Chalk Studio stands out as a popular interior design firms in Gurgaon. Professionals here take clues from your narrative of a pretty space, follow up with the Vastu details, and curate the finest layouts for your home. In fact, Chalk Studio is also one of the best office interior design names in the city.

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