Insights Of Interior Designing Firms In Gurgaon

Updated: Sep 14

Gurgaon is a mix of old and new buildings displaying significant architectural designs. Gurugram’s skyline has several buildings that depict great planning showcasing mesmerizing designs. The city houses host of architecture firms offering clients a great living environment. If you are on a lookout for the best interior designing firm in Gurgaon, Chalk Studio is your one stop destination. The studio offers aesthetically pleasing spaces that offer keen detailing are cozy and functional. Chalk Studio specializes in residential as well as commercial interior designing. Each design is thoughtfully planned keeping the taste and need of the client in mind and the creations bespeak elegance. The studio has a team of passionate and enthusiastic interior designers who sit with you to understand what exactly you are looking for in your dream home or office space. We strongly believe that there is nothing called Prefect home. A home is the reflection of its inmates. Chalk Studio offers to its client’s refined designs that blend exquisiteness with tropical lifestyle along with quality you can rely upon without any doubt. With the pandemic, there is budget constraint in every area and interior designing is no exception. While budget designing was something that was always important to Chalk Studio, it was reinforced and got a whole new meaning in 2020. The studio has taken this as a challenge and no wonder it has delivered some of the most premium ryet exquisite homes in this period. Chalk Studio strives to offer beauteous interior designs that fit every pocket and are not overbearing. When we talk about budget designs, it’s important to know how exactly the concept of budget in architecture and interior design is defined. Budget of any home will foremost depend on its area. So what is budget for a sprawling bungalow or villa will be way expensive for a 2 BHK home. Next comes the scope of work involved. Also, the extent of customization you are looking for is another factor. Here’s a look at some low cost interior design ideas to transform your space. De - Clutter - Clutter is never fascinating and the very first step to transform your home and achieve a stunning style is to do away with all the clutter straightaway. Anything that you have probably not used in the last six months is something you can do without. Excess clutter clogs your space as well as your mind. If it has been really long that you have purged, it may initially seem a daunting exercise. However, as you start you will feel liberated and get a lot of positive energy. Pick up the paint brush - Walls cover the largest surface in the room and can make a huge difference in the overall design. Give your space a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Its not just about painting the walls, try bold colours for your ceiling for a new look. Give your home a brand new character by painting your doors or may be just the floorboards. More of Wall Talk - While painting the walls is always an option, there are other cost friendly smart options like wallpapers or decalls for an impressive effect. Another idea is to cover your walls with sticky tiles and these can even help fix those damp areas in your house amazingly. Use of glass - To create an illusion of space, use mirrors and glass intelligently. Setting up a mirror panel in the dining area will add brightness and also make it look bigger. You may want to use glass shutters that are back painted to give an illusion of space. Glass is also cheaper than wood and will help you cut down on your budget too. Go Modular - If you wish to have a smart and functional home but are budget tight, always go for modular furniture. Right from wardrobes, kitchen cabinets to beds pre-sized modular furniture costs far less than customized designs. Chalk Studio is the best architectural firm in Gurgaon offering home and workspace interior design solutions. Contact us today for creative, contemporary and innovative interiors that score high on functionality factor. For more details on our projects, please visit