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Beautiful Home Interior Design Solutions in Gurgaon

Beautiful Home Interior Design Solutions in Gurgaon

Our home is our soul and haven right? We all want to live in an ideal house. A house that’s simple yet satisfies all our needs and is like a dream! There is nothing called a perfect house. It’s just that you should be in love with every corner of your house and it should express your true self.

Chalk Studio, is one of the top interior designers in gurgaon offering personalized design solutions in Gurgaon. Our designs are just an expression of our clients’ dreams.

Also with Covid 19, low budget for anything and everything is a hard reality and the same goes for interior designing. At Chalk Studio we have taken the challenge in our stride and successfully delivered some of the most stunning and budget homes in 2020 with the trend continuing in 2021. So no more holding back on home decor! Give your home the much needed makeover with our creative home interior design solutions that are custom designed to fit your needs and pocket both.

Lets take a look at some low budget yet fascinating home interior design ideas :

Artistic and Bespoke homes As Victorian Interior Designer William Morris said Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. At Chalk Studio we help to work out schemes around your favorite furniture, artwork or ornamental to create your individual cherished interiors.

Let your floors do the talking for you!

Statement floor designs can add that WOW factor to your home. Striking the perfect balance between the floor and the rest of the room is crucial. For instance, if the floor has an intriguing busy pattern, make sure the rest of the room is neutral. Choose furniture with smaller footprint and lift whatever you can from the floor making the pattern stand out.

Balancing color schemes A three color scheme is always a success. Use 60% of your dominant color, 30% of the secondary color and rest accent color. Chalk Studio's color experts help to perfectly balance color schemes giving your home a beautiful balance of hues.

Ergonomic touch Smart and sensible designs that improve functionality are something that our interior designers focus on. Wide doors, use of levers instead of awkward doorknobs, adding soothing curved lines, and stress less furniture with minimum sharp edges are some examples of intelligent use of ergonomics.

Wallpapers and Wall art - Budget constrained yet want a home that looks straight out from a luxury publication? Use lustrous wallpapers to add dimension to your room. Neutral colors with a slight hint of shine that makes light bounce off adds glow to your home. Hang unique wall art pieces that include family photos, framed art work or some DIY art on beautiful canvas. However it's important to understand that you dont need an artwork on every empty wall and your artwork size should complement the size and scale of the wall you wish to decorate.

Great Storage It goes without saying that storage is a priority for every house. We have loads of hidden storage at our fingertips but it needs those creative eyes to identify them and use them to give you that perfect house!

Love for stools Versatile and handy stools are secret weapons for interior designers. This little piece of furniture adds functionality to any design and can be tucked into a corner when not needed. They can be used as a brilliant side table and lidded storage at the same time!

Laminate Finishes and mirror panels Keep your budget in check with elaborate use of laminate finishes and mirror panels that help use space efficiently and give an illusion of larger area.

Chalk Studio is one of the best interior designers in gurgaon for home makeovers. To add that extra dash of sophistication and style to your abode, drop in at our studio or log on to

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