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Home Interior Design Ideas for Small House Gurgaon

Home Interior Design Ideas for Small House Gurgaon

Looking to transform your home? Chalk Studio is one of the best interior designing companies in India offering state of the art residential interior design solutions. Located in Gurugram the studio specializes in personalized residential interiors and helps its clients achieve their dream home within their budget. Interior designing is all about utilizing the available space in the most aesthetic and functional way. At Chalk studio we understand that design is not something philosophical but it’s something that’s closely connected to our lives and that is why we don’t follow any particular style or concept. As every home is different so are its needs. Thus, a great interior design must keep in mind the taste and style of the family members while working on a project. At Chalk Studio, our beautiful designs are an amalgamation of the spirit of the home owner and essence of the available space. That is what makes us the one of the top residential interior design firms in India. Our experienced and talented team of interior designers offers innovative ideas and solutions that help transform your home overcoming all physical space constraints and render to you a creative yet so much functional abode. It’s very important that your residence exudes warmth and is attractive as well as enjoyable for the inmates. At Chalk Studio we walk that extra mile to add vibrancy and fun element to your home. A quick look at the process of designing your dream home! Understanding client needs is the key As our design revolves around client needs, the design process begins with long and meaningful discussions and conversations with our clients. We ensure that we first understand their needs and taste before taking the next step in the design process. These discussions also include budget talk and the timelines. Next comes the visit to the actual site so that our design experts can see how the client’s requirement can be practically implemented within the available space. Conceptualization of your dream residence begins! The next step is conceptualization where the design experts draft the scope of the project and create a list of design features and requirements as per the client’s needs and likes. Factors like latest trends, product availability as per client’s budget is kept in mind. Then the concept, observations and the planned design is discussed with the client. Detailed Bills of Quantities & Approval phase Once the broad outline of the design is done, next comes BOQ which gives details of all items to be used, their quantity or number, approximate cost and the brands to be used. The BOQ is an important document as it outlines every information pertaining to the finances. The BOQ is then discussed and any queries that the client has are resolved.

Executing the plan!

Once the agreement is signed, its now time to execute everything practically. Keeping all the design elements in mind, Chalk Studio’s team of interior designers work to make your space beautiful and purposeful at the same time. It’s not just about your living room, bedroom or kitchen; Chalk Studio helps turn those awkward unused corners in your house into a useful lovely nook. Make it your reading corner or place of solace by adding some greens and cozy cushions! For an enchanting residential makeover, please visit us at

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