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What’s New In The Interior Designing Circles In Gurgaon? Top Trends of 2023!

Interior Designing in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, the booming and bustling corporate hub in the country is now a new favorite of the well-heeled and opulent. Right from skyscrapers, studio apartments, plush villas, and more, real estate in Gurgaon has witnessed a massive hike over time. Of course, the craze for a good interior design company in Gurgaon has increased too. Wondering why? Well, interior designing is more than adding fancy decor pieces to spruce up the vibe and appeal of a space. A good interior is instead, the soul of a home that creates a personality of the space.

Did you know that interiors work as eye-pleasing aesthetics that cast an impact on the moods and emotions of a person living? Exploring inner peace is much easy when the aesthetic of a home is bang on point. For example, using earthy-tone colors and subtle geometric patterns is believed to symbolize harmony and balance, as per the design trends in Rome. Remember Wabi Sabi? The time-kissed Japanese tradition speaks of embracing imperfections and finding aesthetic and beauty in anything, even if it is incomplete and impermanent.

Are you curious to learn about the buzzing interior trends this year? Well, 2023 has seen a beautiful melange of the old classic elements and edgy new themes. Chalk Studio, the best interior design company in Gurgaon, talks about the striking return of vibrant and printed upholstery. Interior trends, much like fashion, keep switching with seasons. Unfortunately, revamping the interiors of a space frequently, as per the trends, is not always a feasible option. Hence, the top interior designer in Gurugram or anywhere is mostly abreast of the designs and styles that are expected to make a buzz.

Without further ado, let us quickly scroll through the popular interior designs and trends that happen to be 2023 favorites.

1. The right shade of brown makes a space more welcoming

Did you ever picture brown as a beautiful, warm, and versatile color option for homes? Little did you realize that the best interior design firm always works around a brown theme to beautify and add a warm and welcoming vibe to an office space or home. Keep in mind, that the color tone is pretty earthy too. Brown stands out as a safe bet that amps up and brightens a space, unlike a typical dark shade that dims the vibe of a space. Of course, you must be heedful about the right shade of brown first. Any clue what’s the trending shade of brown this season? A rich chocolate shade is certainly a hit, but a softer tone of caramel is making statements.

2. A more functional and flexible design pattern

The importance of upgrading a simple room into a multi-functional space has been in vogue ever since the pandemic hit. Once people started hanging around indoors, the dearth of space cropped up as a major issue. Chalk Studio elaborates on how it is critical for designers to bring their A-game in doubling the function and use of space in a home. For example, squishing in a little study area in the bedroom without making the space look cramped with furniture showcases a designer’s skills.

3. Curved sculpture and furniture

Do you find curved and shapely furniture impressive and welcoming? Well, the soft angles and curvy shapes are strong in trend adding spades of luxurious and graceful vibes to a space. Not sure if curves and designed sculptures look good in a formal office setting? According to the best office interior designs trends and ace designers, sculptural furniture lends an aesthetic touch to a luxe office space.

4. Terracotta, Jute, and similar textiles are preferred by homeowners

Patterned textiles like jute, abaca, terracotta, crushed velvets, and more creates an interesting depth and texture in a space. Also, it amplifies the elegance of an interior and looks class-apart.

5. A hint of greenery is the new chic

Indoor gardening has been a craze for a year and two now. It is therapeutic and lends an appealing touch of freshness and greenery in a monotone space. What’s more? The use of bright green climbers and plants rejuvenates and adds a positive vibe to a space. It is also no secret that plants work wonders in freshening up a space and lift up a home’s indoor ambiance too.

6. Turn homes into smart and technology-run spaces

The advent of technology is definitely not new. However, introducing hi-tech aspects in homes was popularized pretty late. Technology and gadgets contribute to creating immersive spaces that are modern, engaging, and outright futuristic.

Open floor plans, rich use of subtle pastel shades, or classic all-white decor stand out as top interior trends in 2023. Chalk Studio or any proficient interior design company in Gurgaon takes the cues, adheres to a homeowner’s narrative, and chalks out pragmatic designs that enhance the aesthetic, vibe, and decor of a home.

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