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Interior Design Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making and Ways to Fix Them

Interior Design Mistakes

Establishing a desirable living environment or a productive work environment is an exciting process. However, there are times that despite the best intentions, some interior design errors could slip through ruining the feel of your home. Luckily, most of these errors are simple to fix, especially when one is aware of them and implements slight changes. 


This blog provides insights into some of the frequent interior design mistakes that homeowners and business people make without knowing it. Let us look deeper at the reasons for these mistakes and offer some amazing tips from the best interior design firm - Chalk Studio for a spectacular space.  

Mistake #1: Leaving out Scale and Proportion 

Have you ever entered a room and felt that the furniture is overwhelming, or overshadowed by the sheer vastness of a space? This is a typical case of leaving out the issues of scale and proportion while incorporating interior design for homes. Here's how to fix it: 


  • Furniture Size: While planning the orientation and design of your space, be sure to take measurements first. There is nothing worse than having furniture that is either too big or too small for the room, leaving little to no room for walking. 

  • Furniture Placement: When considering house and interior design, organise furnishings so that people can sit in groups when they are chatting or moving across the room. 

  • Balance with Art and Decor: Concerning the size, large artwork or statement pieces are effective in balancing oversized furniture, while small pieces are apt for small rooms. 

Mistake #2: Lighting Issues

The significance of lighting cannot be overemphasised as it helps define a space's ambience and utility. Misuse of lighting might refer to brightly lit ceilings or the absence of task lighting, leading to discomfort and affecting work output. 


  • Layering is Key: The best interior design ideas recommend the usage of general lighting fixtures over the entire area, specific lights such as working lamps for desks and special light fixtures for decorative purposes for a wide experience on lighting systems. 

  • Warm vs. Cool Lighting: Living areas should be equipped with warm lighting, while task areas such as kitchens and bathrooms should have cool lighting. 

  • Dimmers for Versatility: For the flexibility of the lighting control, it is advisable to install dimmers so that you can set up different tones at different times of the day. In fact, you can also choose to put dimmers in your workspace since it has made its mark as the latest office interior design trend. 

Mistake #3: Overlooking the Fifth Wall: The Ceiling 

Ceilings are one of the most forgotten aspects of interior design for homes. A simple plain white ceiling can be a boring area that can be greatly improved in terms of the aesthetics of the house. 


  • Statement Ceilings: If your walls are tall, try painting the ceiling in a contrasting colour or applying wallpaper with a graphic design. 

  • Exposed Beams and Textures: If your house is in rural or urban style, then wooden or concrete beams or rough ceilings will add charm. 

  • Coffered Ceilings: In case one wants to go formal, coffered ceilings can be breathtaking with a touch of depth added to the room. 

Mistake #4: Conflicting Color Schemes and Fabrics 

Organization and coordination of colours and design patterns are critical when trying to establish a coherent environment. Inconsistencies in colour schemes and furniture styles are some of the worst mistakes that can happen when deciding on interior design for homes


  • Define Your Style: To decide on colours and furniture, the first step is to pinpoint what design style you’d like – modern, classic, minimalist, or anything else. 

  • Colour Palette Essentials: Develop a colour scheme that has a primary colour, a secondary colour and an added flash colour to make a balanced colour scheme. 

  • Let the Architecture Guide You: Structural features like exposed brick walls or wooden beams can define the colour scheme and furniture you should use. 

Mistake #5: The Art of Not Enough (or Too Much) Art 

Art and aesthetics add character to space and contribute to the expression of your personality. However, an improper positioning of art or an overuse of decorations will make the space appear cluttered, and is not really one of the best interior design ideas


  • Consider the Scale: If, for instance, a piece of furniture or a wall is large, then the artwork placed on such should also be large. 

  • Rule of Thirds: First, the wall should be split into three equal sections and the artwork should be placed at the eye level of a normal person in the middle part of the section. 

  • Editing is Key: Do not overload the walls with many items on them. Choose a few, which will reflect your personality, without cluttering the place. 

Investing in Your Space: Collaborating with one of the Best Interior Design Companies 

Some of the most common interior blunders are regrettable and can be very expensive to fix. Note that outsourcing your interior design, roofing, painting, and other related issues to professional interior design firms will not only save you time and money but will also guarantee the outcome of your vision. 


Chalk Studio is best interior design companies for residential and commercial spaces in Delhi and Gurgaon. Their dedicated team of designers is committed to providing services that meet the client’s requirements, tastes, and budgets. As a design studio, Chalk Studio creates functional spaces, which are challenging and aesthetically appealing for people to live, work, and relax. 


Advantages of Collaborating with Chalk Studio 

  • Expert Design Consultation: Get consultations from house and interior design experts who have been working in the field and help you in achieving your goals. 

  • Space Planning and Optimization: Make the best use of space for its design and its purpose. 

  • Curated Material and Furniture Selection: Choose from thousands of fabrics and leathers, various furniture, lighting, and decor pieces to combine and style the living space. 

  • Project Management and Execution: Letting professionals do the work for you will always have a way of producing the best result. Chalk Studio oversees and handles the purchasing of the products as well as the installation of the items. 

  • Sustainable Design Solutions: Organizing your home in a more environmentally friendly way is made possible through Chalk Studio’s sustainable material and earth-friendly concepts. 

People need to remember that some common mistakes can be easily prevented in interior design especially when people hire professionals. With the above-discussed issues and their solutions in mind, you can establish a setting that is also visually appealing and practical. 


Are you ready to get the home or office of your dreams? Do not hesitate to reach out to Chalk Studio today to schedule a consultation. Their dedicated team of designers will provide comprehensive consultation and make sure that their design meets your personal aesthetic and practical requirements. Don’t want to fall for these common interior design missteps? Let Chalk Studio assist you and design your dream space.

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