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Best Interior Designing Company in Gurgaon

Interior designing is the mix of art and science that enhances the interiors of a space to make it aesthetically more pleasing for the people staying there. Modern interior design is about sleek and uncluttered design style that started somewhere in late 19th century. As cities developed and started looking for something more than traditional construction, a fuss free building approach developed and new building materials like concrete and steel started being used. Also, houses could now have bigger windows, flat roofs and various shapes like cylindrical or could be opted for. There was also no limitation of the height of structures. The urge to simplify forms became dominant and this is when modern interior designing strengthened its foothold. There is a certain simplicity and coziness in modern interior design that has bestowed it an everlasting relevance since its inception till date.

Best Interior Designing Company in Gurgaon

If you are looking to revamp your abode or want modern interior design solutions for your new home, Chalk Studio is your one stop destination. The studio offers the best interior designing solutions in Gurgaon at the best charges while specializing in modern interiors. Modern interior design is about Less Being More. It is like painting a white canvas with clean lines and sleek materials where Form follows Function. There is a specific style followed in terms of the shapes, colours and material used. Indian Modernism inspired interior design is about creating bespoke spaces as per the client’s lifestyle, functional needs and requirements. It’s about an interior that reflects the client’s culture, values and beliefs. A great Indian modern interior design is the achievement of a harmonious blend of minimal design form and traditional style.

Clean Lines and Minimal Ornamentation - The modern design focuses on use of strong lines, mostly neutral palettes, minimal decor and texture. It favours clean straight lines over curves and stresses lack of fussiness with uncluttered spaces. Simple furniture is coupled with dramatic pieces of modern art as a way to complement the architecture. Modern designs use cylindrical columns which form clear vertical lines and beautifully showcase the use of reinforced concrete in a revolutionary way. De-cluttering is the Mantra- If you do not know why something is there, get rid of it. Modern interior design lays immense stress on de-cluttering and keeping it clean. The basic idea is to have only things that you can give a reason for and eliminate the rest. While designers accessorize your modern home, they keep in mind the mantra of “Less is more”. You need to Declutter mantels, walls, countertops and other visible areas to ensure that clean and open view. Neutral Colour Palette - Colours always narrate stories and have a psychological effect altering our mood. Modern interiors are about using sophisticated neutral colours to create a soothing atmosphere. As Modern interior design lays a great emphasis on natural materials, it’s important to keep things in a natural colour palette for that balance. Designers opt for neutral palette over bold ones and choose natural materials over synthetic materials. Shades of Whites, Beiges and Earthy tone palettes are the main colours used in Modern interiors. Some shades of black and muted geys are also used. However, it’s not that bold colours are completely discarded. They are used, but never on an entire wall. Rather they are used meagrely to break the neutrals or create a focal point view on the wall. To add vibrancy, designers use primary colours like red, yellow, blue in accent furniture, artwork, rugs, and cushions. Modern interior design is more about experimentation with unusual color combos as greys paired with soft blues along with striking yellow ochre to lend that fresh touch to your modern home. Industrial Elements In Modern Interior Design - We know that the modern interior design style won’t be existent without the advancement of building materials as concrete, steel and glass. Interior designers make elaborate uses of concrete elements and steel finishes in adorning spaces with modern elements of design. Favoring Open Floor Plans This new style is about using as few walls as possible. Furniture is used to create differentiation between various segments in a space. It focuses on the elimination of useless structures and pillars within the space to encourage free airflow.A kitchen counter for example can provide a visual differentiation between the lounge and the dining area, without a wall. Modern interiors also emphasize on abundance of natural light with the use of unadorned big windows that let the sun into your home. Natural Material Furniture that focuses on Functionality - Modern interior design strikes the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Use of new natural materials as molded plywood, woven cane, resin or steel instead of all wooden furniture to create that natural look. The idea is to make the furniture appealing and practical at the same time. It all started with Wassily Chair, Eames chair inspired by the English Club chair and then Tulip Chair. From mid century modern designs to now, natural material furniture form an important aspect of modern interior designing. Use of Art and Antique pieces - Another simple way that designers use to incorporate modernism into your home is the addition of unique and vibrant artwork, home decor and antique pieces. Its however important to keep in mind that restraint is crucial with any style. Moderation is the key while using art pieces as too much will be an overkill. Just two or maximum three accent pieces in different sizes will stand out and do the required talking. Bold rugs, geometric or animal print cushions, bamboo baskets, artefacts - all can lift up your space instantly while adding to that modern touch. Blending of the Old and the New - Modern Interior design achieves a fine blend between the old and the new. The design philosophy make use of traditional material while interpreting them in a modern way. A great interior designer will give your space the desired look with the apt usage of Vintage art, wooden wall panels, antique lamps and lights. The pieces are used to create that sense of nostalgia in the whole new modern light and a brand new approach. Last but not the least; Modern Interior designing is all about reflection of your culture and lifestyle. Chalk Studio’s modern designing solutions balance the aesthetics with the client’s way of life. While the studio offers interiors that reflect a seamless blend of modernity and Indian culture, there is detailed customization to suit every client’s needs, values and personality. Chalk Studio helps you in creating stunning modern homes in Gurgaon at best prices. For more details on our interior design solutions.

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