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Indian Inspired Design Ideas for Drawing Rooms

Have you watched Bridgerton, a Netflix release that has taken the world by storm? If yes, you have certainly picked up on the term ‘receiving room’ more than once. Did you know that the present-day drawing room is no different from what was once the parlour room of mansions? A space nicely bedecked using hand-picked furniture pieces and lavish upholsteries to greet guests in an aesthetic seating area. In short, a drawing room has been primordial in architecture since the 19th century. Of course, the purpose of the room has evolved over the years. A cosy drawing room is the heart of a home. Wouldn’t you agree? A space where the family gathers, lazes around and carouses all hearty moments. What remains a constant, though, is the décor and aesthetics of the room.

First impressions matter, right? Also, it is no surprise that a living room is one of the first few places a guest takes note of besides an inviting foyer. Hence, ensuring that the décor is aesthetic, appealing, and equally functional is imperative. Wondering if a rookie vision or design sense is enough to set up a picture-perfect living room? Sadly no! Consult with an interior design company in Gurgaon today and save yourself from the trouble of making expensive design mistakes.

Are you of the notion that hiring a proficient interior designer is a rich investment? Interior designing is neither a burdensome job nor an expensive venture, only if you hire the right professionals. The top interior design firms in Gurgaon, like Chalk Studio, help homeowners with creative design ideas, the best-fit furnishings, and the perfect layout that amps up the look and feel of a home. As ace professionals, designers educate homeowners about textures, materials, and colours that do the trick.

What is exquisite about an Indian living room design?

Are you brooding over ideas to embellish and revamp your drawing room with rich traditional accents? Modern or time-kissed Indian homes display a variety of aesthetic and ethnic elements. The prominent use of bright, earthy palettes and a lavish display of traditional artefacts and antique showpieces are pretty much indigenous to an Indian-style living room. Also, Tanjore paintings, traditional art forms, terrazzo flooring, Warli art, and similar décor elements evoke a certain Indianness in the aesthetic of a space.

In addition to the artefacts that reflect a strong essence of heritage, history, culture, and local vibes, Indian-style drawing rooms also feature ample natural light to enliven a space. Designs inspired by traditions mostly comply with Vaastu norms to welcome prosperity and luck.

Design Ideas for Drawing Rooms

Ideas to decorate a drawing room with spades of Indian accents

Looking for design ideas to enhance your living room? Let’s read:

1. Wooden textures are classic.

Chalk Studio, a prominent interior design company in Gurgaon, highlights the class and elegance of wooden textures. Why just floors? A textured wooden cladding on the wall or a false ceiling looks just as ethereal. However, a trick to master accessorising a room with wooden accents is to ensure that the walls are light in tone and there is an ample flow of natural lights across the room.

Design know-how is critical when refurbishing and decorating a room. It quite explains the increasing demand for a top interior designer in Gurgaon. Only a designer has the eye and prowess to understand that too much of wooden hints can be monotonous. Wondering if there’s a way to break the monotony? Embellishing the walls with bright and colourful paintings is a good idea. Furnishing a light-coloured couch is a smart hack to bring life to a dull and monotonous décor.

2. Minimal décor adds volumes of elegance to the interiors of a home.

Are you of the idea that a strong Indian influence is all about bold accents and loud colours? Little did you know that neutral shades and hints of monochrome accents are just as Indian. Keeping the décor minimal lend a beautiful charm to the living room. Neutral wall colours and contemporary furniture pieces are strong additions. Of course, it makes a space look visually appealing and provides an illusion of height.

3. Vintage themes and décor ideas

The classic vintage elements of an Indian-style decor flow are hard to ignore. From the wall-size bookshelves and classic furniture pieces to the dimly lit interiors and the vintage aroma, there is something magical about the rustic interiors of an Indian-style drawing room. Shop furniture that speaks of the old-world charm and accessorises the interiors using fine and vintage chandeliers.

4. Textures are integral

Implementing textures works wonders in sprucing up the interiors of a space. Not sure how to include varying textures? Pillows, throws, and ottomans add a pleasant touch to the décor of a living room. Playing with colours is a smart hack too. Introducing titbits of colour lift the vibe of a dull and monochromatic background.

Were you looking forward to hiring the top interior designer in Gurgaon? Do keep tabs on a designer’s profile and portfolio first. It is quintessential to figure out if the designer’s style hits the mark, as per your preference and narrative. Also, make it a point to discuss your vision of a living room in advance. Discuss your budget too.

Is it doable to design a small room using Indian influences?

It is no surprise that space is a constraint in present-day urban apartments. While Indian aesthetics is all about striking and pompous accents, many fear that too many ethnic décor elements make a space look crummy and cluttered. Wondering how to design the spaces, then? Let’s help you with a few hacks:

Incorporate Indian décor elements with a neutral framework

Ensure that there’s ample light and air available in the living area

Keep it minimal in terms of fabrics and furnishings

De-clutter and minimise cramming your drawing room with innumerable artefacts and paintings

Although an Indian-style colour palette emphasises the use of warmer tones, avoid going overboard with the shades. Bold wall colours make a space look less spacious and cramped up

Overuse of prints and motifs can be muddling and chaotic.

Hire the services of interior design firms in Gurgaon to avoid rookie design errors. Chalk Studio is undoubtedly a great option.

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