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Incredible Design Ideas For A Modern Luxury Penthouse

Incredible Design Ideas For A Modern Luxury Penthouse

A penthouse is a striking epitome of modern luxury and class. Roosted on the highest floors, a penthouse is no less than a dream abode. Enjoy the most breathtaking views and the cosiest opulence; a penthouse truly defines class, don't you think? It is no surprise that a penthouse is class-apart from regular apartments or houses. Palatial and grand, penthouses mostly feature the finest of amenities like sky-high pools, rooftop gardens, ample and spacious balconies, and more. An ordinary updo certainly doesn’t cut it. The intricate eyes of a designer add spades of luxe to an already elaborate penthouse. Do you really wish to skimp on designing an opulent penthouse? Hire the best interior design firms in Gurgaon and relish in the pleasures of dwelling in a luxurious abode.

New design ideas to amp up the interiors of a condo on a high-rise.

Chalk Studio, a popular interior design company in Gurgaon, explains the significance of adding finesse and a touch of swanky designer elements to a grand penthouse.

Interior Design

After all, a designer’s job is more than revamping a space with glass curtain walls and velvet upholstery. Staying abreast of the trends, picking out the most iconic furnishings, getting educated about a client’s narrative, and rewarding homeowners with an opulent side of life sums up a few of the critical responsibilities of the best interior designers in Gurgaon.

Here’s how you can turn an elaborate penthouse into a swanky residence:

Bespoke statement furniture

Furniture adds life to a space, don’t you agree? Stacking regular furniture or random accent pieces fails to hit the mark in terms of opulent design. A professional interior contractor in Gurgaon picks out furniture by factoring in features like the layout of a penthouse, the swanky interiors of a space, the ambiance, the floor patterns, and more.

sofa in a living room

Not sure if a formal interior setup casts an impression or a cosy informal vibe sets the trend? Well, a seasoned interior design company like Chalk Studio has the expertise to understand your vision of a dreamy and opulent home, regardless of how baffled your mind is.

It is imperative to understand that a penthouse is awe-inspiring in itself. The interiors of a luxe residence like such must have a striking appeal. Furnishings like a classic solid-wood sofa with lustrous polish lend a classy impression.

Wall colours that add charm and opulence to a penthouse

It is a no-brainer that wall colours make or break the interiors of a residence. Besides, there is certainly no room for error when designing a swanky high-rise condo.

Interior Design Idea

Are you thinking of revamping a plush penthouse residence in all white or soft neutral shades?

Ofcourse, neutrals are the latest-in-vogue & add a graceful touch to the interiors of a home. However, little do you realise that the sublime hues work wonders when paired against furniture in dark & statement shades like mahogany or the classic browns?

Is there a staircase in your penthouse? Interior design firms Gurgaon highlight that a winding staircase, more like Lianas, adds volumes to the aesthetic appeal & the grandeur of a posh penthouse interior.

Light fittings are a game changer

Ambient light, scones, recessed fixtures, chandeliers, or the typical ceiling lights - are you in the hot waters trying to pick one? It definitely goes without saying that lights accentuate the modern and ritzy elements of a luxe penthouse. It sparks up the ambience of a space and gives a whole new facelift to a furnished residence.

Luxury Interior Design

However, it is easy to go overboard with lights and fixtures. Why burn a hole in your wallet footing the bills of unnecessary lights and accessories? Assign the task to the best interior designing company in Gurgaon or Chalk Studio and save yourself from the odds of making expensive mistakes.

Did you always picture accessorising your pricey penthouse with an elaborate chandelier? Certainly a classy touch, but chandeliers, too, are available in n number of designs, sizes, and contemporary patterns. An interior contractor in Gurgaon settles on light options that complement the luxe indoors of a condo strikingly perfect.

Revamping and personalising outdoor spaces

Penthouse can well be described as a gateway to a rich and fancy abode. It is fairly distinct from a regular service apartment or a traditional rooftop condo. A modern penthouse thrives on bringing the outdoors seamlessly inside. Not the usual cantilever-supported balconies, but private outdoor terrace spaces that perk up the ambiance of the luxurious residence.

Not sure if investing in a pretty outdoor space is worth the money and time? Well, an outdoor terrace serves as the perfect spot for home dwellers to unwind and chill. Furthermore, you could host intimate carousings with loved ones in an aesthetically pleasing setting. A refined and spruced-up terrace is just as suave as the interiors of a luxe condo.

Penthouses are the crowned showpieces of luxurious high-rises. Gambling your chances is mindless and certainly not worth it. Hire the best interior designers in Gurgaon like Chalk Studio to add the most lavish and modish touches to the interiors of your space.

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