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How To Make Your Home Look More Expensive On A Budget?

Home interiors and decoration are often reckoned as an expensive venture. Are you of the same idea? Here's breaking the myth – there are ample ways to affordably update the décor of a space and transform it into a lavish abode. Simple things like replacing the old handles and knobs of cabinets or switching up the light fixtures work wonders in adding a fresh change and warmth to a place. In short, it is not always necessary to spend riches on sprucing up your home. Are you lacking ideas to make your home look swish and pretty? Pictures are always a good help. For expert advice, though, consulting with proficient home interiors Gurgaon is an incredible idea.

Wondering why? For starters, interior designers and top architecture firms in Gurgaon have the proficiency and eye for detail. Only a designer has the skills and know-how to design spaces that are functional, aesthetic, and beautiful. It is also critical for homeowners to share their narrative of a dream home. A professional chalks out designs best suited for a place and purpose. Moreover, designers have liaisons with contractors, architects, plumbers, electricians, and multiple other skilled professionals needed to wrap up the interiors of a home. Think and answer – do you? If not, tackling a diverse workforce could be a tedious affair.

A lesser-known fact is – Rookie design errors are more expensive than you know. Hiring a professional interior designer is a far-less expensive and time-consuming option.

How to upgrade your home into a lavish abode?

Home interiors Gurgaon have undergone a prominent shift in recent years. From lavish high rises to ultra-luxury homes, swish interiors and contemporary design elements have become an order of the day. Are you looking for tips and hacks to make your home look expensive and modern? Let's help you:

1. Neutral shades look rich

Did you know that an easy way to spruce up the interiors of a space is by using elegant and neutral shades? From the walls to the fabric of a couch or a recliner, neutral tones make a subtle but dapper statement. Soft pinks, icy blues, light yellow tones, and more, stay abreast of the colour trends to ensure a refined and stately look.

2. Contrasting door colours

Basic white doors stand out as old-school and boring. Using hues like taupe, browns, and metallic greys lifts a home's aesthetic and makes it look more custom. Smart right?

3. Tile walls

Tiles in the kitchen are pretty customary, right? Well, carefully selecting the tiles adds a nice and pretty backsplash for a stylish and aesthetic kitchen. Not only are tiles affordable, but they are also very easy to maintain. In addition to tiles, switching up the hardware is an inexpensive upgrade.

4. Wall mouldings are quite in vogue

Why stick with the same boring and monotonous walls when there is so much you can add for an expensive updo? The best part, though, is the perk of swanky interiors without shelling out the ka-ching! Wondering how? Add wall mouldings and narrow strips for a stunning picture-framing look. Crown moulds, too, add a swish touch to boring walls.

5. Bedeck your entryway

It is a no-brainer that a beautiful entryway is a game changer. A dark and bold colour on the door, fresh and colourful blooms in planters, pretty wreaths, and small add-ons, luxury interior designers in Gurgaon always advice decking up the entryway with small and statement décor pieces for an attractive up-do.

6. Big and gigantic art pieces are grand additions

Do you have a few too many artworks hanging on the walls? Little are you aware that too many artworks spoil the show and make a home look cluttered. Bedeck your walls with one oversized statement piece instead. It amps up the décor and makes a home look rich and palatial.

7. Display a piece of history as a centrepiece

The charm and impression of an elegant and timeless home décor piece are truly unbeatable. Do not toss out the hand-me-downs from your grandparents. The antiques are nice and pretty showpieces that lend a sophisticated and swish appeal to an ordinary home.

8. Add doses of greens to a room

Hiring the top architecture firms in Gurgaon can certainly help you win your hands on a luxury house. However, do you know what adds more life and grandeur to a space? Titbits of greenery and bright pops of floral hues.

9. Classy and upbeat home makeover in white

Luxury home interiors Gurgaon highlight the use of crisp white linens, especially for furnishings. Wondering why? Well, think about it – whether you step foot in an upscale 5-star hotel or in a palatial bungalow, the bed, sofa, couch, and other furniture are mostly draped in white fabrics. White certainly makes a space appear fresh and expensive.

10. Accent walls and furnishings like rugs pull a room together

Ever wondered why rugs are marketed with steep price tags? Well, it is a significant décor item that enhances the interiors of a home. Little do you know that luxury interior designers in Gurgaon love adding elegant rug pieces in living spaces and bedrooms. The combination of abstract patterns and pretty colours works like magic in transforming a home. Why only rugs? Accent walls add a strong element of grandeur and class to a luxury home.

Quaint gallery walls, recessed lighting, high ceilings, and more, there are ample ways to transform a home into a modish and luxurious abode. Don't miss keeping your home clutter-free. A spic and span house with maximum space looks rich and classy. For more ideas and exceptional execution of ultramodern designs, hire luxury interior designers and top architecture firms in Gurgaon, like Chalk Studio.

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