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Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous house with a beautiful interior and exterior design? A house that will grab attention from onlookers and inspire other people to beautify their house. Now the bathroom is the one place left when it comes to designing.

Often overlooked, a clean, tidy, and beautiful bathroom also leave a great impression on users. Now, who wants to invite guests and make them use a dirty, boring bathroom when the outside is simply stunning.

Now designing a bathroom is complex, considering you have to make it extremely comfortable and turn it into a safe space. There are various factors you will have to consider while decorating your bathroom.

Here are some of the gorgeous modern bathroom design ideas to consider while designing your bathroom.

Choose a perfect colour to create the illusion of more space

The colours leave a great deal of effect on our mood, so you need to choose colours wisely. If you think colours will not mess with your design, you have never been more wrong. The optical illusion is real, and you will realize if you mess this up.

Use light colours and avoid dark colours. If you are using tiles, use white or beige or something in the lightest shade of the rainbow. When it comes to types of equipment, you can use stainless steel faucets, white toilet seats, white cabinets and the same colour for the countertop.

Apart from white, you can use grey, ash, matt black or any such colour as it will provide the illusion of extra space while making it extremely cosy.

Go all out on wallpaper

Paint is not the only thing you can use to decorate your bathroom walls. You can experiment with wallpapers, as there are various varieties, colours, patterns and such. You can opt for metallic, geometric patterns, or bronze colours.

If you are someone who keeps up with changing trends in the fashion market, you will get the freedom here to keep changing the wallpaper as per your wish. Wallpapers create a strong statement if you know how to use them right.

You can connect with the best interior designing firm in Gurugram and discuss the ideas and designs to get the best results.

Create more space by adding cabinets

This is for all the houses with small bathrooms. Now everyone requires at least a little extra moving space in their bathroom. If you have too many hooks to hang clothes or open cabinets, your bathroom will look cluttered no matter how much you will reorganize it.

Installing a medicine cabinet, shelves under the basin or racks behind the toilet seat will give you more space to keep your bathroom essentials. Interior designers for home always focus on creating space in the bathroom to keep the space decluttered.

Right lighting set up

Overhead lights have their own charm in comparison to floor lamps or chandeliers. It would be best to be cautious when it comes to wires, as bathrooms are the most common space for accidents.

Best interior designing firms in Gurgaon emphasize that you should use ceiling lights to avoid water splashing on the wires and getting electrocuted. You can also use string lights around the ceiling to create warmth and provide ample light.

The lights should not be too harsh to irritate your eyes or so dim that you can’t see when applying your makeup.

Go all rustic in your bathroom

You can use the rustic theme in your bathroom to add more style. Use wooden chests, wooden framed mirrors that are water-resistant or copper knobs. You can add a copper bathtub or brass water pipes.

The basic being sticks to one and does not include everything else to make it rustic. For rustic, the best interior designers in Gurgaon cost a little higher but offers everything you need to give your bathroom a distinct taste and theme that will make people go gaga over it.

Use dramatic mirrors

Mirrors add essence to life. There are hundreds of mirror styles available in the market, such as pivot mirrors, oval-shaped mirrors, wood-framed mirrors, folded corner mirrors, etc.

You can use one single big size mirror or use different mirrors and decorate your walls. As per the best interior designers in Gurgaon, mirrors attract people as everyone wants to look at themselves, especially when they are cleaning themselves. So now you know that mirror should be on your list.

These were our top picks to make any bathroom gorgeous. However, if you don’t have a keen eye for detailing or don’t understand patterns, you can hire one of the best interior design firm in gurgaon and consult with them regarding the design and style. These experts will help you find your taste and style and make your bathroom a reflection of peace and comfort as it should be.

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