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Give Your Home A luxurious Makeover - Tips To Revamp Interiors Like A Pro

Tips To Revamp Interiors Like A Pro

At some point, we all have our hearts set on creating a luxurious and grand home. Did you think that cramming a space with the most opulent decor wraps up a posh home design? Wrong! In recent years, only a single simple trick has been working wonders - less packs a bigger punch.

Luxuriating in a home is all about comfort and the ease of lazing around peacefully. Pricey furniture is not guaranteed to spruce up the rich feel of a space. Also, too much furniture crowds up a space and serves the purpose wrong. Save yourself the harrows of expensive and rookie design errors. Consult with luxury interior designers in Gurgaon and bring your vision of an opulent and dream home to life.

Are you looking forward to revamping your home? Great! Chalk Studio, one of the best architecture firms in Gurgaon, shares new-edge design tips to welcome a fresh touch of rich, luxury, and modern elements to a humble home.

Ways to usher luxury elements into a residential space

Open and expansive layouts are design basics

The grandeur of a spacious and well-kept living area strikes a charm. Do you agree? Besides, a place that’s not bunged up with furniture pieces looks way more welcoming and swish. Not sure if the living area in your newly built place is sizeable enough? Interior design firms in Gurgaon suggest opening up spaces by taking down a wall if possible. Alternately, you may deck up a space using furniture that’s perfectly proportionate to the exposed area.

Large and clumpy seating areas dwindle the aesthetic of a space. A layout with a grand entrance and an open, spanned out space should flow effortlessly. Chalk Studio, the best interior designing company in Gurgaon, highlights the significance of brightening up a space with lots of light. It is no secret that an illuminated space feels luxurious and lively, compared to a dim and dull corner.

Speaking of an open layout, accessorising a home with large windows and glass sliding doors serve as pretty additions. Enhancing the visuals and aesthetic of a home is easy with the addition of mirrors and shiny, glossy surfaces. Mirrors facilitate maximum reflection of lights, brightening up the nooks and corners of a home. Also, lights amp up the visuals and vibes of a space.

Glossy marble floors set the standards high

Materials like marble evoke a sense of grandeur and luxury like no other. The lustre and shine of polished marble and its natural grain add spades of glam to a lavish interior. Right from the fine Italian variants like Botticino Crema and Rosso Lavante to the Macrana and green marbles of India, the dazzle of a fine limestone floor is hard to pass. It is luxurious, conventional, and works wonders in making a small space appear bigger.

Statement furniture pieces are exquisite additions

Luxury interior designers in Gurgaon conclude tha