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Get Acquainted With The Best Interior Design Ideas For 2022

The pandemic has been here for two years now and in these last 24 months, we have probably spent more time in our homes than ever before. This has also in a way, made the look and functionality of our home ever more important and worth considering.

Get Acquainted With The Best Interior Design Ideas For 2022

In modern times, Interior Design isn’t exclusive to only aesthetics. Usability of design has gained prominence making these two factors the biggest influencers on interior designing trends of 2022 as well.

Interior decoration of a small house requires some careful observation so that you can bring the best out of the small space. You would certainly not want your space constraint dictate your design dreams. Here is where a great interior design firm can help you create that enviable small home in a fun way.

Its important to keep in mind that every nook and corner is strikingly visible in a small home which gives you the opportunity to work on every small detail and achieve that perfect small Indian home!

A petite place also has so much more warmth and room for cosy conversation than a huge mansion. That however does not imply that one cannot add a touch of elegance and grandeur to the small space. Everything is handy and that makes perfection much more attainable in case of small abodes.

Let’s take a look at some trending interior design ideas for small homes in 2022. Make your small space warm and inviting. A space that reflects your taste and personality while being super cosy!

Interior designers feel that clients are looking for spaces that balance aesthetics and practicality and offer solace to stressed minds.

Maximalist Rules -

From Minimalistic to Maximal Designs - 2022 is a year of maximalist. Bid Adieu to Minimalistic design and neutral colours. Add warmth to your small space with layers, mixing of colours, patterns and prints. Use of textured paints and exquisite tiles to give depth and dimension to your small abode are in fashion.

Interior Designs that are traditionally inclined-

Traditionally inspired interior decoration is the best way to exhibit maximalist. 2022 will see more use of intelligent blend of the ancient and contemporary for a traditional decoration that oozes warmth, cosiness and is inviting. The idea is to present the aesthetic in a new and fresh way for small homes and the young generation suiting their taste and requirement.

More of curved silhouettes for that feminine touch –

Interior decoration in 2022 will focus on scalloped forms and curves to create an artistic and playful spirit. Small homes will exhibit styles that are soft to the eye and are a display of great craftsmanship making one feel nostalgic. Furniture with soft and rounded edges is in style in 2022 because they are forgiving and impart a caring feminine touch.

Curves in 2022 will not only be limited to C shaped sofas but include tables with soft edges, contemporary one seaters and stools. The softened furniture is intended to bring love and add subtleness to the space.

Velvety Interiors –

Use of fabric that supports softness will also remain the trend. Velvet is an inviting fabric and the plush textile at once elevates your interior. Use of Velvet in living and bedroom spaces will dominate interior designs of small homes. It may be used in a single bold colour or you may want to mute it by using it with smaller softer accents. Velvet may also be contrasted with metallic accents to create a mixed look. Use of Velvet will not only add a luxurious feel to your small home but also offer the warmth to compensate styles that might feel cold otherwise.

Multifunctional Spaces –

With functionality becoming a key point in interior decoration, single use spaces will remain almost non- existent in small home designs of 2022. Multifunctional concept making the most possible out of every nook and corner with smart room partition techniques will remain the trend.

The idea is to use the multitude of available opportunities within a given space. Stress will be on intelligent usage of vertical spaces. Interior decoration in 2022 will see more shelving, ladders and platforms as room dividers.

Wallpapers will continue to trend in 2022 –

Wallpapers have been a hit for couple of years now and the trend seems to continue in 2022 as well. Fondly called “Clothes for Walls” they give your small home an ambience that no other form of wall finish can achieve so perfectly.

More and more small house owners in India too are keen to add vibrancy to their plain dull walls with fresh and happy wallpapers. Floral designs, botanical prints, abstract and geometric patterns tend to dominate the wallpaper world.

After being caged in their homes for a long time, people want to be close to nature. Florals and botanical prints therefore are bigger than ever before in 2022. Imagine a feature wall in your living room that showcases flourishing bright foliage.

Similarly botanical prints that easily bring nature into your living area are a leading trend in 2022. These prints are striking and a sure hit in terms of getting attention.

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