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Interior Design Ideas for Small House in Gurgaon

Interior Design Ideas for Small House in Gurgaon

In big cities, owning a tiny space itself is a big feat. With minimal living trending, finding newer ways to optimize smaller spaces is a thriving area for interior designers and architects in Gurgaon. The challenge is to create an illusion of space and a home that is enviable & fun to live in. With the intelligent use of colours, mirrors, smart storage and layouts, your small house can actually appear much bigger.

Lets have a look at some simple ideas that can help transform your small space.  Opt for whitish and muted hues - Lighter tones reflect light better making spaces appear larger and sophisticated. It’s also not a bad idea to go for the same colour all over for that uniform and seamless look. Go for whites, creams and beige undertones which are not only soothing to the eyes but also help bring out your paintings, furnishings and wall textures in the best way.  Magical use of mirrors - Nothing new but yet worth mentioning is the use of large mirrors for that spacious and breezy feel. Try some handcrafted ones for that traditional look and if placed opposite to your window, they can reflect light creating an illusion of a much larger space that it actually is.  Open designs - Do away with partitions and try to combine areas creating more open space. Let natural light usher in and refrain from covering big windows with dark thick curtains.  Pocket doors- Places where you have to divide areas, opt for pocket doors for that seamless partition without increasing clutter. Compared to doors that open on the face and occupy significant space, these can be easily slid back into the wall after use.  Appropriately sized and flexible furniture - Right size of furniture can amplify the size of your space. Go for pieces that complement your room size. Invest in fold out furniture and flexible pieces that you can easily move around.  Glass tables & Furniture with legs - Transparent glass coffee tables and furniture with legs will make your rooms spacious with the floor visible underneath. Make sure you have some breathing space between your furniture and the walls as it makes your house roomy.  Go Green - Add plants to your decor for that fresh and airy feeling. Opt for indoor plants that do not require a lot of tending. You can add some greenery to your room without utilising any surface space just by hanging plants from the ceiling.  Do not hoard - When you have a small home, de-cluttering is the beauty mantra. Buy something new only when you know what to do away with in exchange. So if you have a small living space and are looking for ways to make it appear bigger we at Chalk Studio offer a host of innovative design solutions to help you make the most out of your premium little space.

Located in Gurugram, Chalk Studio specializes in modern interiors that are very much flexible and specifically cater to petite homes. At the same time our designs ensure that extra dash of culture and tradition imbibed in the corners and the four walls of your small casa.

Give your little abode a makeover. We are just a click away!

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