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Does Fashion Truly Influence Interior Trends?

Fashion Truly Influence Interior Trends

Luxury fashion big guns like Gucci, Jean-Paul Gautier, and Armani have come up with exclusive new home lines. In fact, favorite fast-fashion brands like H&M have launched a new line of home furnishings too. Do you have any idea why popular fashion brands are venturing into the home space? Well, interior designing is truly a small leap from fashion. Think about it - fashion is all about pairing the right colors, textures, and patterns. Interior designing is no different. The colors or styles that make a striking show on the runway kick off an interior trend sooner or later.

Did you know that the exquisite chandeliers and ornate decor items at home are mostly inspired by intricate jewellery designs and trending styles?

In short, the similarities between the two art forms are evident, but the differences are significant as well.

Interior design and fashion trends - What’s the difference?

Chalk Studio, the best interior designing firm in Gurgaon, explains how the crossover between fashion and interior designing has been misinterpreted by many.

Fashion is short-lived, do you agree? What’s trending today is only trending for a while. Also, switching up outfits or styles may not burn a hole in your wallet but revamping a space is a whole new ball game and an expensive venture too.

Ace designers in the fashion circles have an eye for details and draw inspiration from lifestyle patterns, social nitty gritty, and more. Interior designers, however, keep tabs on trends that make a buzz in the world of fashion.

Design influences on trending interior decor

Fashion or home interiors, both express the taste and preferences of an individual. Best interior designers for home like Chalk Studio curates designs and layouts that speaks of a homeowner’s sense of taste. However, designers also keep tabs on the patterns, prints, and colors that are trending. For example, a check pattern seems to circle back into the world of fashion and rightly, in the line of home space decor. Right from carpets, tiles, and luxury furniture, a classic check never fails to impress.

Let’s list down a few trends that are big hits both, in the home space and of course, in fashion.

1. Warm colors - Pops of bright hues are all good and jazzy but warm colors have definitely made a striking comeback. According to the best-voted interior trends, warm colors maximize the glam and decor of a space.

2. Curves and wavy shapes - Are you up-to-date about fashion? You certainly have a clear picture that scalloped hems are gorgeous and trending. Don’t forget the curvy earrings and patterned hair accessories. The twists and curves have trickled into interiors and home design too. Wondering how? Think about the gigantic mirrors with curved edges and twisted frames and of course, the chic modern lights that are abstract and curvy.

Interior designers in Gurgaon cost a fortune to set up a space that oozes luxury, vibrance, and contemporary fashion. Lights and fixtures are crucial to make or break the interiors of a home. The twisted abstract lights are not just in vogue but luxe additions that beautify a space by leaps and bounds.

3. Boucle - A cozy lush fabric that has taken over the fashion industry is now a preferred choice among known and the best interior designers for home. Boucle is mostly used as a posh upholstery fabric that makes a winning impression on homeowners. The snug and soft cloud-like fabric is often associated with a vintage charm and speaks of class and refined taste.

Speaking of fabrics, don’t forget the quilt. Of course, you have watched several celebrities and A-listers in the glam world donne a beautiful pair of quilted shoes or carry fancy quilted bags giving out rich vibes. Did you know that puffy quilts have made an entry into the graceful world of interior designing? Quilted sofas and headboards for beds are good examples. The best interior design firm in Gurgaon or Chalk Studio clearly spills beans on the rising demand for quilted upholstery fabric.

It is quite intriguing to witness how fashion inspires the basics of interior designing. Believe it or not, right from textiles and fashion products to interiors, nothing beats the influence of Mother nature. You might have seen horn-like head gears on display at the most upscale designer stores. Guess what? Glitzy or muted horns also stand out as stellar centerpieces in homes. In short, the influence of fashion on homes and interiors is inevitable.

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