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Everything Your Children Will Love In Their Dream Space

We all know how a kid’s face lights up in amazement when it comes to recreating their space and providing them with all the things they love!

From amusing articles to cheerful color schemes, in an interior design for kids, it is always fun to add & craft whimsical vibes. There should be no limit to the extent of what our creativity can manifest for a given space and how dreamy interior designs can keep you forever hooked to it. Every home has a kids bedroom blessed with longevity and good vibes, hence it must be treated right.

So when it comes to the dilemma and paradox of the interior design enigmas, one of the best interior design company in Gurgaon - Chalk Studio can come to your rescue. Our credos and ethos incorporates the view of each family member, especially your kids and will provide you with the space you envisage.

Chalk Studio, one of the best interior design firms in Gurgaon believes that safety is an important aspect to consider when decorating your child’s room regardless of how dreamy or how fancy it should turn out to be. While being thoughtful about the space & placements, flexibility & versatility also plays a very important role in the interior design for children.

Tots making the transition from crawling to toddling will use any available vertical item to pull themselves up, so choose furniture pieces that are sturdy and stable. For the inevitable tumbles, make sure floors are clean and resilient or softly covered with carpeting or rugs. And most importantly avoid breakable or heavy items on tables and shelves, and no sharp corners on any furniture.

A child’s room should be held harmoniously and create an impact on their growing minds!

Kids Room Design


Colors influence kids just as much as the grownups. To give kids a peppy interior, it is important to paint it in vibrant colors. Shades of orange can inspire confidence and make them friendlier. Soft yellow shades can make them cheery and focused. Lighter shades of green can boost a child’s cheerfulness and connect with nature. And of course blues can relax them and keep them calm and can even result in reducing their crankiness!

If you don't care for vivid color schemes, choose a pastel you'd like to use longer term and pair it with a dark or bright accent hue you can change when your child gets a bit older. Another option is simply to stick with more restful pastel hues throughout the room and provide visual stimulation with age-appropriate toys.

Dynamic furniture

Of course kids would want to change a lot about their rooms from time to time. So it would be smart to set the room up dynamically. It’s best to keep articles changeable and customizable at will. For example, loft beds, perfect for small spaces, allow you to make the most of what is usually the largest piece of furniture in your child’s room. Your child will love climbing up the stairs or ladder to get into bed or depending on the style you choose, you could also include desk space underneath for your child’s study sessions. Kids grow fast, and it’s especially helpful if their furniture does, too. There are numerous options to explore in terms of storage, beds & study areas. How about a table that grows with you? It has a lower height option that’s perfect for toddlers and later on the legs can be switched to its standard height that works with bigger chairs based on ergonomics & requirements.

Inspiring corners

Creating eventful corners like a comfortable armchair with attractive fabric adds to the room's stylistic quotient. It also allows when your adolescent children want to curl up with a book or watch television. A simple space enhances with few alterations for example, if you have some old curtains that aren’t being used, they can be put up to section off a space or used to make a fun feature like a puppet theater. Extra baskets and bins can be used to organize toys, games, and other essentials. Or probably a canopy comfy private corner space where they can read & play. You can further enhance it with colorful soft furnishings & fairy lights.

Fun themes

Creative thinking and a little elbow grease can transform your child's room from a boring box into a world of inspiration. Having cute animated cartoon characters, animals or nature on the walls like a theme will make their room very cute. From art prints to a world of galaxy, there are numerous themes that can fit along your kid’s bedroom space and make your child’s mind more inquisitive about the elements around them.

It's fantastic to create an area that your children will be happy to call their own. Children, like adults, need their own space. Their bedrooms should always reflect who they are as people and be designed around their interests. So, when coming up with decorating ideas Interior design firms in Gurgaon make sure to involve the child in the process. Apart from fun elements, the skill of designing a kids’ interior is a matter of connect with a toddler’s psyche. Interior designing institutes & work spaces should take the prudence to discuss this part of the designing skill.

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