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A New Shift In Home Designs Post COVID - 19. What’s Trending?

A New Shift In Home Designs Post COVID - 19. What’s Trending?

The pandemic has had a stirring impact on the lives and lifestyles of people globally. It has forced us to question and rethink the way we live. Don’t you agree? A switch in residential designs has cropped up amidst the crisis too. The perspective of hanging hats in homes has witnessed a massive change. Gone are the days when homes were just a leisure space to nestle in. Residences are now upgraded to include a work space, an activity zone, and a leisure zone, all in one. While the dust of the malicious viral outbreak is still settling, here’s how the design aspects of homes have evolved.

Striking new home designs - What’s buzzing?

A revamped new entry

The doorway to a comfortable and luxurious abode is pivotal in any residential space. While you may still have the breathtaking frames and fancy mirror pieces on display, reserving a petite disinfection zone is a must now.

Abundantly ventillated rooms

Chalk Studio, the best interior designing firm in Gurgaon, highlights the importance of designing rooms enabling the free flow of air. Natural ventilation and gleaming sunrays add to the vibrance of a space and work wonders in amping up the hearty and joyful vibe of a home.

The rising craze for a private outdoor space

Surprisingly, the outbreak has inspired people to think more about the wonders of nature. A quick stroll or the pleasures of lazing around in the open spring up as a breather. The best interior designing company in Gurgaon works the puzzle and figure out creative new designs to include an outdoor patio in compact homes. Why just a fancy patio? Ideas like roof gardens, well decorated porches, and a tiny backyard space are quite good hits among homeowners.

Make way for compact new home offices

Do you always struggle to find the right spot to work in peace? Well, dining tables have undoubtedly served well as makeshift office spaces for a year or two now. To keep relishing the flexibility of working from home, it might be ideal to rely on the best interior design firm in Gurgaon like Chalk Studio.

Designers cater to the rising need for a functional and productive office set-up at home with modern and class-apart amenities.

Contemporary and smart kitchen designs

"A kitchen is the heart of a home" - the statement has never felt more true. Presently, homeowners look forward to including a small pantry set-up within or adjacent to a kitchen. The convenience of going hands-free lures homeowners too. Technology-powered smart kitchen designs like voice-activated appliances and systems are all the rage.

Are you curious to know how much interior designers in Gurgaon cost? Wondering if it’s too swanky an investment? Little did you know that decking up the interiors of a home is not as easy as it sounds. There’s much to brood over and aspects to consider. Unfortunately, you might not have the understanding to work around designs that are aesthetic and functional.

Chalk Studio, the best interior designing firm in Gurgaon, ensures that a homeowner’s narrative and requisites are well-taken care of. However, it is always worth being mindful of a few factors before hiring a designer for the job. For example:

  • Feel free to discuss your preferred budget for a dream home

  • Convey your idea and narrative for a custom design, if you please.

  • Hiring a professional and the best interior designing company in Gurgaon is not a big fat expense.

Key takeaways:

Always plan and set a budget in place

Schedule a timeline for your designer to wrap the interiors

Do not skip reading the testimonials and reviews by clients.

Hiring interior professionals - Is it a worthy decision?

Are you still on the fence wondering if hiring a designer is a good idea or not? Well, it certainly is, and here’s why:

The expertise to plan right

Interior designers know the drill and have sound knowledge of ways to optimise a space at its best. What’s more? Designers are familiar with designs that are the latest in trends, practical, and the best fit for a given space. A rookie may feel inspired scrolling through Pinterest. However, a designer has the insight to create customised layouts.

A reliable network of professionals on the go

Designing a home is more than paints and curtains. The best interior design firms in Gurgaon has a reliable network of professionals and contractors at their fingertips. Right from a plumber and an electrician to carpenters and multiple other vendors, kiss goodbye to the hassles of finding third-party contractors, when you hire a professional interior designer.

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