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10 Best Tips on Budget-Friendly Home Interior Designs

So you have just bought your dream home, and you are elated to enliven your space with incredible interior designs. What is going out of the way is the elevated cost of interior designing, and that is making you wonder if you will ever be able to deck your space up right the way you want. Whether a new or old house, there are plenty of simple house interior design ideas that will make you rethink designing. Wall art, neutral shades with a splash of colour, mirrors, vintage elements, getting all crafty, displaying favourite posters or paintings, shopping from local artisans, and whatnot, this blog has been particularly created by Chalk Studio to highlight the low-budget home design ideas. 

Home Interior Designs
Home Interior Designs

10 Exceptional Simple House Interior Design Ideas by the Experts

Low on budget but high on energy? Let us spruce up your space by incorporating some of the forever-popular design trends.  

1. Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter 

Even before starting to buy those wishlisted decor pieces, you need to declutter your space - the first step to ensuring a simple house interior design. Decluttering holds the power to bring out the true potential of your house. Once you start decluttering, the suddenly emptied space makes you think beyond the traditional methods of designing. Start by clearing out everything lying around the house, filtering out the necessary and unnecessary ones, and placing the needy ones in the storage spaces (cupboards, shelves, kitchen shelves, and more). This is the time when you will also be surprised by the abundance of clothes, products, and additional items that you never knew you had. Donate them!

2. Shop from Local Artisans

When was the last time you walked down to your nearest local market and noticed the beauty made by the artisans? Quite some time back we suppose. One of the interior design ideas for small homes in low budget is to spend some time looking for creative products made by your local artisans. Every region has something exclusive to offer, and you ought to find something that enlivens your space. 

3. Get Crafty

Always wanted to deck up your living space with handmade decor? This is the time. A primary low budget home design idea is to get all crafty - dust out those paint boxes, get your scissors, and every other prerequisite. Change the shape and type of the decor you don’t like anymore, colour it up, and make as many changes as you wish for. Give yourself a crafty afternoon and let your artist out! 

4. Think Out of the Box

The best interior designers for home always consider innovation as the solution to even the hardest of all practical issues. When it comes to designing your space, it enables you to take a look at things in the most creative of ways. Putting your thoughts to creativity lets you be limitless. If you are a Mandala artist, you can paint a complete wall showcasing your expertise. If you like weaving, produce a beautiful woven rug with your favourite colours. 

5. Pick your Style and Colour Palette 

One of the interior design ideas for small homes in low budget is picking the ideal colour palette. If you are looking forward to a palette that will instantly seek your attention, you don’t really need to present a huge lumpsum, instead, you need to have an eye for detail and taste. At the current time, mostly neutral shades are leading the forefront - beige, earthy green, brown, wood shade, white, and similar ones.   

6. Put Emphasis on Lights

The right placement of lights will lend your living space the much-needed boost of brilliance. Lights are not solely positioned to brighten the room. A proper light holds the power to make your space appear aesthetically pleasing, especially when you are bringing fixtures with characters and artistic accents. You can also choose chandeliers or standing lamps - depending on the vibe of your space. 

7. Tinge of Vintage Elements 

Another popular feature that promises a simple house interior design is to pick vintage elements. The phrase ‘old is gold’ truly impacts interior design. Dig your grandparent’s wardrobe and you will come across a repository that will seek all your attention. If not, you can choose to head on to one of the antique showrooms and buy old portraits, calligraphy pieces, musical instruments, and similar items. Just a single piece of historical art can instantly provide a chic look to your space. 

8. Display your Favourite Paintings or Posters

Moving on from the previous step, posters and paintings fall under one of the helpful interior design ideas for small homes in low budget. You can choose from the distinctive posters and paintings that you have been hoarding over the years. You can play around with colour schemes, decor, and textures. Flea markets and trade fairs offer an abundance of options. 

9. Make Way for Some Bountifulness 

How can you overlook the plants? Biophilic design is on the rise, and having plants in your space will lead to a bountiful and elegant space. From a pocket garden to a small patch of green, some decorative ceramic pots and planters to a complete garden filled with greens, you can choose your degree of greenery. The best designers for home mostly recommend keeping your space green to induce positivity. 

10. Symmetry 

A well-maintained and low budget home design idea is to ensure symmetry across the home. Be proficient with the usage of symmetry even when you are adding accents and accessories. A symmetrical room will offer a balanced finish, thereby pleasing your eyes as well. You can also choose to place some geometrical shapes to evoke an enhanced feeling of consonance.


Some additional simple house interior design ideas are finding the right accessories, leveraging shelves as a multifunctional display unit, putting decorative pillows, and more. But one factor that will serve as the top strategy is to hire an agency that holds expertise in remodelling your space with low budget home design. Chalk Studio, one of the best home interior designers for home is the right choice if you are looking forward to decking up your space on a budget. 

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