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Top 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Luxury Wooden Furniture

Luxury Wooden Furniture Design

Congratulations! You have invested riches in your home decor. Now that the works of an interior design company are wrapped, are you curious to learn some tips to keep your furniture in top shape and as new as ever? Well, the trick lies in buying furniture that’s built to last. Wooden furniture, for instance. Classic and alluring, wooden furniture never runs out of trend. Don’t you agree? Unfortunately, maintaining the wooden furnishings seems hard-won. The fittings get dusty and start showing grimes sooner than expected. What’s worse? On wiping the furniture hard, streaks pop up scarring your furniture for good.

The Q stands - how to take care of solid wood furniture?

Are you thinking of wiping down a stunning piece of expensive wooden furniture? A good idea. However, there are two things you must keep tabs on:

Make sure you wipe off all excess moisture with a dry fabric

Not all fabrics are gentle on furniture. For example, cotton works well for dusting purposes. Synthetic fiber, on the other hand, leaves scratches on the furniture.

Regular cleaning of luxury furnishings, wooden of course, sounds not-so-practical for many. Wondering how to wipe off the dust piling in the crevices then? Resorting to a cleaning schedule works well. Start by cleaning off the dust residues using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do wring out the detergent as much as possible. Refrain using all-purpose cleaners. It is a big ‘NO’ and can damage the finish on a piece of furniture.

The best in business interior design firms in Gurgaon, like Chalk Studio, advise staying clear from using wood polish comprising wax and silicone. Did you notice that most finishes on luxury furniture nowadays lack the lustre and shine? Little did you know that polishes and sprays contain petroleum distillates and sticky wax that eventually accumulates in the crevices and forms a film. The greasy buildups are stubborn and mar the finish on the furniture.

Fine quality or not, wooden furnishings are susceptible to wear and tear, scratches, and abrasions. Taking good care of the expensive pieces is an absolute must. However, being mindful of the do’s and don’ts helps in keeping the furniture in a pretty shape. Consult with an interior contractor in Gurgaon to gain a deeper insight on the matter.

Do’s and don’ts:

Coasters are a must when placing glassware, dishes, and mugs on a wooden table. Little did you know that hot, moist, and cold items react with wood and create repulsive white rings or harsh stains.

Do not rest your feet on a wooden surface that often. Heels and sharp footwear leave a scratch on the furniture.

Did you picture setting up an expensive piece of furniture outdoors or on the patio? As charming as it looks, too much heat impacts the show and the quality of the furniture. Also, keep your furnishings away from the cooling vents. Moisture can be brutal for the wood. Don’t be surprised if the furniture snaps or develops cracks soon.

Controlling the climate is a good idea. It stretches the durability, lifespan, and shine of the furniture. For example, if you reside in an overwhelmingly humid area, wooden pieces mostly swell up. Using a dehumidifier in such instances is a smart hack.

Chalk Studio, one of the finest interior design firms in Gurgaon, explains that keeping an eye on tough stains and eradicating it right away is always a good effort. There are a few home hacks too.

A wooden piece isn’t always fragrant and pleasant, regardless of the fat riches you have shelled out. To ensure that your old furniture smells pleasant and fresh, stack a piece of charcoal in the drawers to soak up the stench.

Speaking of do’s and don’ts, training your adorable furballs to not loiter on the precious wooden pieces is worth it. Paws end up leaving scratches on the surface that are challenging to eradicate completely.

Will your furniture always remain speckless and new?

Accidental wear and tears and watermarks are unexpected. Taking the best possible care of your finest-in-standard wooden furnishings cannot guarantee you a neat and spotless finish. Here’s what the best interior design company in Gurgaon suggests:

A furniture pen in the exact same color is a smart and quick fix for minor scratches and dents. You can also wipe off the stains or white rings gently by using rubbing alcohol. Avoid manhandling your furniture to help preserve the finesse, shine, and look of the beautiful wooden piece.

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