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How much does it cost for 3BHK Home Interior Design

Buying a 3BHK apartment is quite a big deal, and for some, it is like a dream come true. Though there is no denying the fact that you must have started thinking about your own

How much does it cost for 3BHK Home Interior Design

3BHK by now, the newly bought apartment is nothing but a geometrical 3D structure created out of bricks and cement. It’s you, who will make that apartment home, and then it’s the interior designer, who will transform a simple living space into something that is worthy of coming back and sitting back to admire.

Here arises a question, which is, how much it 3 BHK interior design cost in gurgaon. Well, that depends on several factors such as the standard of the firm you want to hire, your area dimensions, your requirements, accessories that you want to include, and a lot more. In this article, we will cover some different factors through which you can get a basic understanding of how much it is going to cost you.

Factors Affecting the Interior Designing Cost

  1. Location/Area - It is certainly the most crucial factor that decides the amount that an interior designing firm will charge you for decorating your home. In metropolitan cities, the cost is definitely going to be higher and the reason behind that is the high real estate prices and comparatively higher cost of materials.

  2. Valuation of your property - This is kind of non-negotiable, as the cost of decorating the interior of your property is going to be directly proportional to the valuation per square ft. of the property. It clearly means, the higher the cost of your apartment, the higher budget you have to allocate for interior designing.

  3. Size of the apartment - It is as simple as that, larger the area, more the material and manpower used, and more use of resources is required.

  4. Portion-wise designing - The cost also depends on whether you want some portion of your house to be customized in accordance with the ambiance such as kitchen, drawing room, or it is the whole apartment that you want to be specifically designed.

  5. Renovation or new property - In an old house, there are some faults, due to which, it requires added cost for decoration.

  6. Accessories and materials - It ultimately depends on what you want, what kind of materials you want to be used for designing, the furniture, the wardrobes, and other added accessories.

Why Choose Chalk Studio for Rejuvenating your home Interior

If your desires end up somewhere near a beautiful home interior with proper shading, texture, furniture, accessories, paints, premium design, lavish-looking, and an aesthetically pleasing ambiance, then you should not think much before dialing Chalk Studio. With professionals on board, we aim to deliver you the best-in-class, luxurious, and artistically appealing interior design.

Chalk Studio is an interior designing firm based in Gurugram, Haryana, and we strive to provide our clients with stress-free, and end-to-end customized designing services for their home, office, and commercial space. We integrate your visions with our experience, knowledge, and creativity, and try to present in front of you nothing, but the best.

You have got an idea, any creative thought in your mind, or any change in your house, tell us, we will bring your vision to life, and even if you have no idea about how to get the job done, we are here to help you. Our panel of experts will choose what’s best for your apartment’s interior, and we will hold complete accountability for our work.

We come up with the latest and innovative solutions. It’s time to say goodbye to your old and boring house and say hello to the lavish and appealing interior.

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