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How Different Is A Formal Living Room And An Informal Living Room? The Design Basics!

Living Room Design

Are formal living rooms synonymous with drawing rooms? What truly distinguishes a formal setup from an informal family room? Questions like these pop up in the minds of new homeowners. Are you dubious about the differences too? No problem! Let’s clear the doubts and spill the differences.

Formal And Informal Living Rooms—A Brief Overview

A formal living space can well be described as a stately successor to drawing rooms. Unlike the latter, the design elements of a formal premise are refined and tastefully curated to cast a good impression on guests dropping by. A drawing room, on the other hand, serves more as a cosy lounging area for family and dear ones to hang out and carouse together. Hence, the space is also referred to as "informal living rooms."

In a nutshell, the purpose of a space defines a conventional living room and an informal drawing area. Wondering if that’s all? Certainly not! The location, design elements, purpose, and a couple of other factors signify the difference between a formal setup and a casual lounging space. A homeowner may not be familiar with the differences and, therefore, use the terms interchangeably. However, a good interior design company in Gurgaon always makes an effort to explain the ins and outs of design narratives and the differences between a formal and informal living area in prior.

Are you curious to clear your doubts regarding the living area and the drawing room? Let’s begin:



Of course you are versed about a foyer, aren’t you? A well-decked entryway to your beautiful and cosy abode. For a palatial bungalow, the space is sometimes referred to as the porch. Although layout plans matter big, a formal living room is often located at the very beginning of a house, adjacent to the foyer.

Wondering where an informal living room is positioned then? Well, Chalk Studio, a renowned interior designer in Gurgaon, explains that architecture plays a key role in the layout of living spaces. However, an informal lounging area or a drawing room is mostly adjoined to a kitchen. Earlier, the doorway to a sprawling backyard also stood out as a significant difference between a formal living room and a drawing room. As per architecture, a conventional living room typically bars access to a beautiful backyard or any outdoor landscape.