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Chalk Studio - Leading Interior Design Firm in Gurugram

Leading Interior Design Firm in Gurugram

Looking for innovative interior solutions? Welcome to Chalk Studio, one of India's leading interior design firms where we work towards translating the old saying “The whole is much more than the sum of its parts” into reality.

Chalk Studio helps you style and decorate your space keeping in mind the seven key elements of interior design -Colour, Form, Space, Texture, Light, Pattern and line.

It's important to understand how these elements are integral to impressive interior designing. Colour for instance is not just what you visually prefer but it reflects your attitude and the kind of energy you want to cultivate in your space. Similarly lighting whether natural, man made or a combination of both is an intrinsic factor that can make or break your space. And our bunch of young, gifted and enthusiastic designers have an eye for every such detail.

Located in Gurugram, Chalk Studio is undoubtedly a one stop destination for all your architectural and interior design needs. The firm offers innovative and progressive designs that beautifully marry the functional with the exquisite while always keeping your budget in mind. We specialize in creating designs right from scratch just as an artist uses a chalk on a slate without any pre- conceived notions. The idea is to understand the client’s needs and vision and weave it with creative and technical expertise. At Chalk Studio the project design starts with a thorough research. Once the background work is complete the designing follows suit. Each and every part of the design is accessed and analyzed before the final execution.

We constantly strive to offer outputs that are stylish, aesthetic as well as have the best usability within the client’s budget. Every project is learning and growing experience for us and we question every execution ensuring that we do away with what is redundant. We expertise in designing spaces that have a contemporary feel yet exude the timelessness. The bottom line is to ensure that your interior reflects your character.

Our bright team of interior designers and architects in Gurgaon, work hand in hand with the best consultants in the industry striking the perfect balance between creativity and functional viability. Drop in at our studio and explore an array of comprehensive and modern designs. A portfolio that will leave you mesmerized for sure. While innovation has no limits we also understand that budget and time frame constraints are a reality and it’s always on high priority for us. We ensure you neither have to wait unnecessarily for your dream space nor does it dig any unexpected hole in your pocket. Trust your space with us and you will be delighted with our multidisciplinary and high quality interior designs! For more details, please visit

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