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The Mixing Of Modern Luxury And Traditional Interior Designs

Modern Luxury And Traditional Interior Designs

Modern Interiors that complement your lifestyle and at the same time are enriched with traditional touch can render your abode a contemporary yet timeless look!

2022 is witnessing a clever mix of modern luxury and classic tradition. This enriching mix of sophistication with tradition is a hit amongst home owners who are looking for luxury home interior decoration.

Blending of modern luxury with traditional elements is a great art and needs constant refining and a sharp vision in terms of harmony and balance. The idea is to create a multi layered interior that exhibits grandeur and opulence.

Chalk Studio is one of the finest luxury interior designers in Gurgaon offering grand and spectacular spaces that are a beautiful blend of modern décor and tradition for that fresh yet ageless look.

Let’s dive into some of the ways you can blend tradition and luxury to create visually enticing and spectacular living spaces.

Mixing Furniture -

Try incorporating some classic furniture pieces into your modern interiors.

Adding a hint of gold and bronze, curvaceous seating and tapering base along with royal upholstery can create the magic.

You may also want to create a mix of a modern sofa with an antique coffee table with some crystal and polished silver decorative pieces.

It is important to understand that while ready -made furniture or upholstery can exhibit luxury, custom designs render the truly perfect and one of its kind look making the dream of luxury and aesthetic interior decoration come true in real sense. A home that is reflects your personality and taste!

Light it up!

Great lighting is a key element of interior designing and can help create cosy spaces, add a sense of height or depth as well as successfully draw attention to the most attractive areas of your home!

The beautiful balance of light & shade can do wonders and give your space a new lease of life, adding to its grandeur.

Lights when used intelligently can actually make your room luxurious, comfortable and dramatic all at the same time!

You can give a traditional sparkle to your interiors by using chandeliers, pendant lights and wall sconces. Beautiful layering of various lights as uplights, downlights, hidden lights, wall lights, lamps and pendants helps to add depth and interest to every room of your home.

A great interior designer can make the appropriate use of different kinds of lights to give that regal look to an otherwise modern space.

Upholstery and Furnishings –

Textiles and Upholstery too are a very crucial component of luxury interior decoration. Rich furnishings are used in design elements in the form of window treatments, curtains, area rugs, throw pillows and more.

Textiles can help you set the mood of your space. For instance silks, satins and velvets would aptly add that glamour and luxury while linen can offer a sophisticated look.

You can mix and match textiles of different textures in a room to create a desired look. Layering of fabric also helps create interest with a rich, contrast look. Similarly, the use of traditional checks in monotones spells sophistication.

Overall, its important to understand that textiles have the capability to make or break the entire look of your room so it’s important that they are not taken as an afterthought.

An experienced home interior decorator can also help you create a unified look with the right use of textile.

Here is where colour palette also takes up an important role. Use of a base colour along with one secondary colour and accent shades can help unify your space in a beautiful way. Make sure you stick to the colour palette as using way many colours can make your room appear hectic. It’s a great idea to mix patterns for that desired luxurious vibrancy, but they should fall within your chosen colour palette.

Rich Wall Décor –

Walls of any room are filled with immense possibilities and a skilled interior designer can help you convert those bare walls into super stylish centre pieces. The walls of your room are also a reflection of who you are and what you like. Your love for nature, books, antiques – all the things that you love and admire can be reflected in your wall décor.

Be it wall panelling, accent walls, creating a gallery wall, wallpapers to molding art – walls are a huge canvas to experiment and display your taste and likings.

To give your home a luxurious look, you may opt for stone or leather panelling with golden metallic strips. The otherwise contemporary luxury abode can be given a traditional touch with ornate crown mouldings that have a hint of gold to add that richness.

Use of Accessories for that Magic!

As you strive to give your luxury home a traditional touch, the role of accessories in helping turn your dream home into reality can never be belittled.

Use of brass and copper can help you create yesteryears charm in your contemporary abode. Display brass statues on your shelves, replace door knobs and handles with brass ones. You may want to introduce brass table ware for that enthic elegance!

Next comes the intelligent and creative use of mirrors! Mirrors can help making your home appear more airy and are a great way to mimic tarditional palaces and their royalty. You may want to opt for a single statement mirror or design a wall collage of a few smaller antique mirrors.

The Mirror look can also be achieved by creating reflective areas or by using decorative mirror work fabric.

Be it the display of handicrafts, wooden statues, crsytal flower vases, classical candle stands or the use of traditional prints as Bandni or kantha - all can help you achieve that authentic traditional decor.

For that conventional welcome, you may even want to create a small decorative pond with fresh floating flowers- right near the entrance!

Chalk Studio is a leading home interior designing firm in Gurgaon, offering clients luxurious living spaces with the hint of tradition. With a team of experienced home interior designers, the team takes time understands your specific needs to help render your dream home that is a true reflection of your style and personality.

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